Play and Learn Day Nursery

Play and Learn Day Nursery offers the highest quality of education, endless commitment and comprehensive childcare. We strive to deliver the highest form of care and education for all children in our setting. It is important that children receive a strong intellectual education, as well as being able to play and discover themselves.

We aim to support each child through the early stages of their individual progression. Every child is an individual and unique, they are constantly learning lessons that they will carry with them through life, whilst also being resilient and confident.

Our setting provides a variety of different equipment and resources which are accessible for all children. In the classroom, children have the opportunity to enhance their learning through a variety of activities. In our outdoor environment, children have the opportunity to partake in many physical activities, however we do like to visit our local park a few times per week. In addition our nursery provides various other types of equipment for children to play with whilst playing outside such as stilts, body boards, climbing rope, balls and bats. This range of equipment and resources highlights our understanding of the unique child and how we aim to accommodate for all children by providing them with learning experiences through play.

We want to help every child to develop into an independent and self-thinking individual, who helps to create a better world for themselves and others.

We aim to provide a happy and secure environment for children to play and learn together under the supervision and guidance of trained staff.

We welcome and value children and their families from all sections of the community and we celebrate.


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Play and Learn Day Nursery
9 East Barnet Road
Barnet EN4 8RR
Tel: 0203 609 3342
Mobile: 07506 269914